To Win Her Trust by Mackenzie Crowne

- Tuesday, January 05, 2016

I love stories full of heart, humor, and fun characters I can see myself sitting down with to share a martini. With my “Players Series” gang, I’d end up smashed, but the laughs and heartfelt emotion of their individual quests toward HEA would be well worth the hangover. 

Here’s a peek at CC and Tuck from book 2. As you can imagine, they kept me highly entertained.
“This isn’t going to work. You’re a beautiful woman, but…”  “But what?”  “I don’t…despoil virgins.” She had the audacity to laugh, and her sunny humor was so completely seductive he couldn’t help his smile—until her cool fingers patted his cheek.

“There. That wasn’t so hard. Was it?”

The hand he scraped over his jaw shook, and he quickly dropped his arm to his side. “You’re not thinking clearly. You teased me about being a gigolo the other day, and you weren’t far from the truth. I’ve been with a lot of women. Enough to know a woman like you needs a different kind of man.”

She crossed her arms, but the shadow of a smile remained in her eyes. “Is that why you tracked me down and showed up at my door?” Her brow puckered. “How did you track me down?”

Oh, no. They weren’t going there. “My point is, you need a man who’s in it for the long haul. That’s not me.”

“I guess you didn’t hear my first stipulation. I’m not interested in long term.” Read More

Crash and Burn (True love should make you burn...)

Blog Diva - Tuesday, December 29, 2015

 Every love story should have a song...

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Crash and Burn (Love You Like A Love Song Series)

A childhood promise has Chance Walker picking up a guitar once again. Sure, he's been busy growing up, finishing college, and even law school. He made a promise to his dying mother and he’s determined to keep it. While his guitar playing dreams were big when he was a kid, his skill is rusty and he hires Erin Michaelson to bring music back into his life. Not only is she incredibly talented, she's one of the sexiest women he’s ever met. It's hard to focus on correct finger position when her sweet scent threatens to drive him out of his mind. 

Less than twenty-four hours after his first lesson he sees her again, but this time she’s on stage using another name and seducing an entire audience of men. He played the gentleman card once, and it got him nowhere. This time, all bets are off and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her. A single, sizzling backstage kiss will change both of their lives forever, because Chance soon realizes that Erin is not just an itch, she’s an obsession that he refuses to live without. 
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Tidy Endings By: Shannyn Schroeder

- Monday, November 30, 2015

Tidy Endings By: Shannyn Schroeder
As romance readers, we all have expectations about the endings of the books we read. We expect for the guy to get the girl every time; we expect no one we really care about is going to die; we expect (demand) a HEA or at least a HFN. We read romance because we expect these things. It’s not that I can’t appreciate other books that don’t offer HEA. I read The Lovely Bones, which was beautifully written. But it tore my heart out. I read Hunger Games before taking my son to see the movie and cried my way through it.

Beyond the expectation of the HEA, what about the other parts of the plot? Do you as a reader want everything tied up and neatly explained? (I’m not referring to the popular cliff hanger books – that’s a totally different beast). To me, it never mattered much, even if the plot thread was never picked up in another book. Read More

What Makes a Good and Slightly Nutty Heroine by Rebecca Zanetti

- Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What Makes a Good and Slightly Nutty Heroine by Rebecca Zanetti

Hey all! Don’t forget to enter the rafflecopter giveaway at the bottom of the page! I’m so excited to be here at RomCon celebrating the release of Wicked Edge! The hero in Wicked Edge is Daire Dunne, who’s a tough witch enforcer on a Harley…and is totally grumpy. The heroine is a bit of a surprise. She’s a wild card who drugs Daire, steals from him, and then likes to rob banks. Of course, they’re the perfect match! They just don’t know it right away. 

So, I’ve written a few blogs lately about what makes for a good hero and a good villain, but I haven’t really talked about heroines. Here are my top five characteristics of a good paranormal heroine, and more specifically, Cee Cee Jones. Read More

His Work of Art by Shannyn Schroeder

Blog Diva - Tuesday, November 03, 2015

His Work of Art by Shannyn Schroeder


“Tell me about your superhero guy. The one I saw last week,” Reese said.
“What do you want to know?”
“What’s his story?”
“I’m an artist, not a writer. He doesn’t have a story.”
“Everyone has a story. You have one. I have one. It colors everything we do and see and say. There’s a piece of us in everything we create.” She handed him the pad back and began to clean up their dinner mess. “Tell me something about him.”
“He’s not white.” Adam hated that the first comment he made was about race.
Reese turned and leaned against the table she’d just cleared of their dinner. She pursed her lips before speaking. “So race is important.”
“Yeah. There aren’t enough people of color in comics.” The statement was true, but not the reason.
“Not enough, no. But we have Green Lantern and Cyborg.”
This was solid footing for them, arguing the merits of comics. “Marvel has Black Panther. And let’s not forget the new Ms. Marvel, who is a double whammy as a woman and a person of color.”
“If you think you’re going to convince me Marvel is better based on this argument, you’re out of luck. I get the importance of full representation. I am a woman. That’s why the portrayal of Lyrid is so important. So your guy, he’s black?”
“I guess what I’m really asking is if he’s black just because that’s how you envision him or if you made him black because it’s part of your character building.”
And there went the footing. “You can’t take race away from character. It’s part of who you are.”
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Horseracing and Romance by Melissa West

Blog Diva - Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hi there! My name is Melissa West, and I am the author of RACING HEARTS, book 1 in the Hamilton Stables series, featuring horseracing. When I set out to write my first contemporary romance, I knew I wanted to focus on a topic outside the norm. Cowboys had been done, and even horse racing had been done, but I didn’t know of any stories that focused on a horse racing family that was all but royalty in that world.

But to create a realistic world, I had to really do my homework. I started by picking up books at the library, reading until my eyes burned, and then reading some more, all the while feeling like I wasn’t getting a clear picture into the racing world. That was when I decided to reach out to horse trainers, and I was fortunate to hear back from legend, Todd Pletcher. Before long, I had a clearer look into what it really took to train a horse. The long hours, the dedication, the community-feel of a farm, and how every person on staff worked themselves to the bone.

Somewhere along the way of researching this amazing sport, watching more Youtube videos than I could count, and asking questions that were all too often idiotic, I found myself loving it. I loved the passion and drive, and I knew I had my story.

A female jockey, daughter to a legendary racehorse trainer, gets hurt and has no one else to turn to than the boy her father had once trained, who was no longer a boy at all. RACING HEARTS captures that thrill of the race, the tension of two towns that both claim to be the best in racing, and the sureness of a first love that never really died.  Read More