A Second Chance At Love by Kassandra Lynn

Ruth West - Thursday, August 24, 2017

Title: A Second Chance At Love
Author: Kassandra Lynn
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Published: August 7, 2017
Genre: Historical, Time Travel

Brilliant! Epic! A real page turner! A Second Chance at Love is truly spell-binding and magical. Not one for heavy fantasy stories, this historical romance adds a bit of time travel to the mix in a simple yet enjoyable manner. The young Empress Ursila Ufran had once run away with her healer, having leaved the cold-hearted Emperor only to discover that everyone she loves had been beheaded for treason, her lover Draven had betrayed her, and her own life is quickly snuffed out. Given a rare second chance at life and love, Ursila must fix what has been wronged, save her family, herself, and discover whether the acts of treason commited by her family were true. The characters are all well-developed with a solid backstory and a fast-moving but well-paced plot. This can be read as a stand alone novel and having discovered that there are in fact other books in the series, I can't wait to get my hands on those as well. I had no idea that this was a second story in Time Travel & Second Chance series. The author does a great job of fully developing a story without needing to read the first book. A novel full of suspense, intrigue, trepidation, love, angst, and twists and turns abound. I eagerly will pick up more stories by Kassandra Lynn. Her writing is smooth and seems effortless (though we know that's not the case).
Reviewed by Kaitlyn

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